2013 Volkswagen Up Release Date, Review, Specs

admin —  14/08/2012

2013 Volkswagen Up Release Date

As an internationally renowned and highly respected automaker, Volkswagen is introducing the 2013 version of its new car called the Up! The Up is a fairly recent model from a similarly recent family of vehicles. In fact, production began on the Up in 2011, pretty recently. However, the release date for the 2013 Volkswagen Up has still not been officially set. It seems that the most likely scenario is a Spring 2013 launch as the release date for the 2013 Volkswagen Up. The release date may come slightly earlier, as soon as Winter 2013. This release would not be global, however, and will indeed be limited to Europe at the moment. This may be for the best, however, as not every nation would take the entrance of a car this specifically built in the same way. For example, the real fandom for super tiny small cars really comes from Europe. The crisp looking 2013 Volkswagen up looks like it will soon have a wonderful European following its Spring 2013 release date!

2013 Volkswagen Up picture

2013 Volkswagen Up Review

The United States has always been a harder sell for those particular concepts, as people prefer space in a car and are willing to pay for the extra gas it may consume. That being said, the Up seems to hold true promise in its class and looks as if it will promise to be a stellar car delivering excellent performance.

2013 Volkswagen Up image

The Up is a two door mini car that fits four passengers. However, it seems that Volkswagen will come out with different versions of the Up, including more doors and more passenger space. One of the unique revelations of Volkswagen was to move the four wheels slightly more onto the edge so that the cabin could feel bigger. It is reported that in other mini

cars, it is extremely difficult to cope with a ride, no matter how small in a cabin that feels so miniature! However, this seems not to be the case in the 2013 Volkswagen Up, where, when the backseats are flipped down, the passengers report to feel more headroom than in any other model of mini car. In fact, the Up is said to have lots of room for stretching and moving around, especially in the driver and passenger seats.

2013 Volkswagen Up Specs

The EA211 is the engine that gives power to our little Up family of cars and it is said to pack quite a kick! The engine can be changed depending on the model, affecting the cost of the overall unit. You pay for how much punch you can get out of your cute mini car, with engine specs ranging from 60 horsepower at 500 revolutions per minute to 75 horsepower at 600 revolutions per minute. Needless to say these little Ups are quite fuel efficient to boot.

2013 Volkswagen Up interior